A partire dal 25 Febbraio 2010 sarà disponibile sul Playstation Store un nuovo DLC dedicato ad Uncharted 2.
Il nuovo DLC aggiungerà 6 nuove skin riprese dal primo capitolo, Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune, relativa ai personaggi di Drake, Elena, Atoq Navarro, Eddie Raja, Gabriel Roman e il pirata Javier, e 2 nuove mappe sempre ambientate nel primo capitolo della saga.
Le nuove mappe potranno essere acquistate al costo di 3,99$, i nuovi personaggi al costo di 2,99$, il blocco sarà venduto invece a 5,99$.
Inoltre, sarà disponibile una patch che aggiungerà 12 nuovi trofei e 12 nuove medaglie per la modalità multiplayer.
Sotto Spoiler il video relativo alle nuove mappe.
Di seguito, la lista con i nuovi trofei e medaglie.

* Sneaky... - Get 50 Stealth Kills
* Brass Knuckles - Get 100 Melee Kills
* Tastes Like Chicken - Get 20 BBQ Medals
* Rapid Fire - Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch
* I Told You I Was Hardcore! - Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard Difficulty
* Made It - Finish Wave 10 in one Survival Game
* Gold Digger - Finish Wave 10 in one Gold Rush Game
* Wipe Them Out... - Win 50 Deathmatch Games
* Plays Well With Others - Win 50 Objective Games
* Still Alive - Win 50 Elimination Games
* Plundered! - Get 200 Captured Medals
* Cold Blooded - Get 2,500 Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games

* Tip Off – Be the First Player to Grab the Treasure in Plunder
* Protectorate – Shoot and Kill 5 Enemies that were Damaging the Treasure Carrier
* No Cigar – Kill the Treasure Carrier while They are about to Score
* None Shall Pass – Get 5 Kills while in the Hill during a King of the Hill
* First! – Get the First Kill of the Game
* Finish Him! – Get the Last Kill of the Game
* Retaliation – Kill the Last Player that Killed You
* Defender – Kill a Player that is Actively Shooting One of Your Teammates
* That Was Embarrassing – Earn a Shutout in Plunder
* Put'em Down – Kill Someone in the Knockdown State with a Pistol Weapon
* Unlucky – Die 5 Times in a Row without Getting a Kill
* Tricky – Kill a Player with a Pistol Weapon while Hanging