Un nuovo coder, chiamato Yifan Lu, grazie all' aiuto di Wololo e Neur0n, ha scoperto un nuovo exploit!
Questo nuovo progetto, chiamato UVL, ovvero Usermode Vita Loader, permetterebbe di far avviare sulla nostra PSV codice non firmato e, a differenza del VHBL, anche copie di giochi, ovvero i loro backup.
Purtroppo, l' Homebrew non è ancora pronto, e il developer chiede aiuto e cerca collaboratori per riuscire nell' impresa.
Per il momento Lu non ha voluto rilasciare ulteriori informazioni.

Citazione Originariamente Scritto da Yifan Lu
So I'm trying to write a Vita loader which I codenamed UVL (userland vita loader). The goal is basically what HBL is for PSP, an ELF loader that can resolve NIDs and syscalls. As of right now, I have not tried compiling the code yet. It's mostly just pieces of code for things like the ELF parser, resolving NIDs using module exports and syscalls from both imports and exports and etc.

I am basically looking for people with experience in HBL to help me finish this. Currently, I am missing code to clean the memory (releasing heap pointers, unloading all modules, deleting threads, etc). But mostly, I want critiques on the current code and how things could be improved or if any of my assumptions in the code could prove false. I have tried to make the loader very portable (for other future exploits) by having lots of error checks and only using functions imported from sceLibKernel (if you want more information, PM me). If you want to help, just fork the code and send me a pull request when you're done.

EDIT: Progress update, everything compiles now, but I have yet "tested" it on a Vita. The main problem right now is that the base address 0x81000000 is read only by the game that's loaded. If someone knows how to free that memory or set it to be writable, contact me.

P.S: If you want to help, it would be awesome if you take a look at this! Coding Standard
Per chi fosse interessato, ecco i link che rimandato a github: